Mediaspree in Berlin. Prevent Spree property

Prevent Mediaspree? And, No, A Ja oder, And, A.Mediaspree versenken

(10) Morgend things get exciting again in Berlin. Spree für alle oder Spree nur für wenige heisst es. Mit dem zweiten großen Bürgerentscheid soll entschieden werden, that the club mediaspree regional management e.V. not both sides of the Spree may build properties in great style.

There, where today a large part of the Berlin Wall stand and small cafes and beach clubs, Kiki Blofeld or Bar25 to form a unique Berlin scene en masse in the future provide large buildings and some large high-rise buildings for, that there developed a modern but boring cityscape and open spaces belonging to the present shortly the past.

This is to prevent the sinking Mediaspree initiative has taken up the cause and is elected for tomorrow.

It may be tomorrow 182 591 Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain and I decide between two different proposals, to be quite similar firstonce primarily, but contain major differences in affordability and massiveness of the planned real estate Spree.

Here in Kreuzberg is the only way the vote

[x] And , [x] No, [x] A [ ] B

communicates, you must ankreuten, if you want to sink the Mediaspree. This means that you untersctützt the citizens' initiative, the idea of ​​district councilors Assembly rejects and chooses the former idea, if both ideas decide the majority…. Generally, that's right, but I'm still decide differently.

I also do not want to have Mediaspree, and will accordingly support the plan of the citizens' initiative, However, I will also give the compromise proposal YES, because only when it reaches the required majority, this is much better, as if both ideas fail. I will, of course, but the proposal of Mediaspree give my vote, should both get the majority.

berlin spree immobilien versenken

But frankly is certainly the biggest problem in the turnout. 15 % the voters must choose. Next to me so 27.388 Berlin. This is much more difficult than 50 % And. Be right.

Probably would be the only way, To achieve this, collect ballot papers in each house and get them to apply for the absentee ballot people – and also give the postal ballot documents to the Office…

Otherwise, I see black for this referendum – unfortunately.

Of course I know, that the so-called “Compromise proposal” no compromise, but a proposal is, that sounds just nice, but otherwise is as cheap as possible… But sad but true, both ideas are – taken for themselves – still better, as if the two ideas do not get the required majority..


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  1. Wie ist die Aktion denn nun ausgegangen? Gibt es einen Link mit den Ergebnissen? Die O2-Halle gehört mittlerweile zu Berlin. Aber was ist aus der Bar25 und den schönen Strandbars geworden? Und wie sieht die Strandmeile im Sommer 2010 from?

    LG aus LeipzigOliver Hirt

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