Again a sponsor wall

Before the Underground Catwalk

Broken Heart, Rock & Rebellion, Broken Heart

(3) The Jägermeister Underground Catwalk stand an – and it was a weekday. We also had to get a – completely unfamiliar to us – extremely early time – also completely unfamiliar – definitely be on time at the right place. Something stupid.


Sheila lives even now something outside and go home, dressen, drive back to town was not in it. So I invited them, to use my mirror. 'm Incredibly nice and whitish, allowed them the keys even an hour before my – premature – Pick up at the end of work of the company mirin, to already prepare. So when I came home, sat halbgeschminkter already a man in my apartment before the mirror.

Deadly nightshade

Of course I thought immediately of a masked burglar, because I now had to shoot in self-defense, but based on the voice I recognized Sheila. Also, I can not something like that anyway, wenn so herzerweichend um Gnade gebettelt wird 😉

No matter, they had about an hour ahead, I – always accompanied by “T minus 90 Minutes” Call, “T minus 85 Minutes” and so had to catch up… Ich hatte es fast aufgeholt und war so gut wie fertig. Only the dress and the accessories were missing.

Stefan Kretzschmar

A dress? Not just any dress. But a special. Especially for the Underground Catwalk I was again shopping. A blue-polka-dot dress in Pencil Skirt length with red halter straps I bought, a new pair of red high heels and sweet polka-dot-Harklammern. So a well-coordinated ensemble for a great event. Just carry on..

Schieeeelaaaaaa hilfst Du mir maaaal???

Said, done. Rrrritch they had the zipper up.. Unfortunately clearly marked earlier than the end of the dress. She had it in her hand, my dress no longer zipper, I no longer dress and suddenly a bad mood. .. Regardless of Plan B was another polka-dot dress, that although I had already taken, but that nevertheless was appropriate… So we could drive off, to pick up our press VIP wristbands, which we granted free admission.

Rock & Rebellion, AMF Cross, Deadly nightshade

But first, we watched the hustle and bustle yet to, because massive photographers and reporters photographed and interviewed all somehow looked like something colorful or unusually. So we had the – beautiful – Problem between us hardly “we take pictures” and “We pose for photos” to decide. The get to the series but now we are used to and of course the typical sponsor wall was certainly not before us.


Although one must say, that we are less äufdrängten, rather than were forced to go… THAT we would however be sometime before it was obvious. *Blitz* *Blitz* Lächeln 🙂 Gebracht hat uns das übrigens das wohl erste Bild von uns bei der Bildagentur Gettyimages. Yeah!

Then it finally started. Boarding Time. So strictly speaking it was for us and the rest of the press pack go. The empty train was boarded. Class. So we not only had the free choice but also the opportunity, bring a good photographer to, get a little more in the train, take pictures while posing.

Sheila & Ich 🙂

As I said, if we are not just taking pictures, We like to be photographed. Letzteres sogar noch viel lieber als ersteres 🙂 Aber zu fotografieren gab es after that all sorts of.


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