Gaypride Hamburg 2008 Videos

Gaypride Hamburg 2008 Videos
Hamburg Journal

If a CSD in any city, then it makes sense, is the most local television stations to watch times, to determine, whether it was worth it, that you looked into any camera, who made there by the roadside videos and movies…

I asked the two still, what it would take… “Ah NDR – Hamburg Journal? In, then take me times with pure ;-)… Have fun.”

Videos CSD Hamburg 2008

I was really hoping for the camera crew of,who had asked me, come to her to spread my wings and Moderation… Clearly I'm doing this… but I could still see no video… But I also appreciate, that they are but rather for the interview with :Valery Pearl: will decide.

CSD hamburg 2008 Videos

But instead I found myself just yet again briefly in the Hamburg Journal… Dort also, where we it last year but then trotz Interview did not make. But I think the NDR HH – Strictly speaking, the Hamburg Journal has always a much better distribution than

Here is a small picture, to me H. H. drew attention…. gaanz back and sooooo small you can see my wings… do not care about this movie, but he is a stopgap for the next hopefully noich Video



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