Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art School – Hamburg

Lotti Golden Treasure and stand still.
Golden Treasure & Anti Art School Hamburg

On the last Boheme Sauvage us Hedoluxe yes its a flyer Dr. Pressed Sketchy's Anti-Art School in the hand, which will soon take place in Bassy, ​​Berlin.. A look at his website but let me know, Hedoluxe that originally comes from Hamburg and Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School there has been running for a time.


The whole event is a sign, can paint with the painter and draftsman, a model, that can be painted in different poses. The whole will be more sketches, for two to 15 Minutes can be safely paint a completely faithful to the original image… Nevertheless, one must admit, that some beautiful sketches come out of it.


The whole comes from new York and Dr. Sketchy is available in many countries and cities as a kind of franchise companies with a Dr. Sketchy in a City.

Since such a model but also have a break between the resting, there is between the Posingsessions always a small event it gets drawn into the, what Hedoluxe just invents. This may be the best birthday cake for the first anniversary or the body, the one has always wanted one

Anyone who has read this far, would now probably fairly accurate, that I stopped by at the event just once – also because Hedoluxe invited me.


Now I'm not very artistic and so I let paper and brush rather be home and grabbed my camera instead a. To document the artistic work of others must be sufficient.

Actually, should Eden Glamorama resting as a guest on stage, but unfortunately had to cancel. They probably had their first appearance on Saturday with a burlesque show in Queen Calavera and they told me, it would look like great, that they could have simply cover the jars to put the visitors into raptures… I can understand it, see the pictures on their website but gorgeous. Too bad.

Golden Treasure & Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art School Hamburg

But Hedoluxe made for replacement. For a Golden Treasure of the Harbour Pearls, the already well-rested several times on this stage and on the other Lotti, he has probably worked long, until they finally promised. Although she was afraid, she could not, But this fear was completely unjustified and unfounded. But she has a beautiful still-life as Prizessin from the Frog King, delivered as roller-skating or Girlie Liza Minelli.

Die Naht ist nicht gerade 😉

While the two girls were at a standstill until exhaustion and drew the rest of this, I chatted with the lady of the house and Carla with Hedoluxe. I now know a lot more about the smoking ban, Dr.. Sketchy’s Anti Art School in aller Welt, on some models and burlesque at the first event soon at Bassy.


This should be all, who ever held a pencil in their hands and so painted over cheese box, with thereto the 18.08 bold coloring on the calendar. This is called well-Painting by Numbers.


No matter the Bassy found then the guests Joey Love, Lethal Lily und Molly Crabapple, the inventor of Dr. Sketchy, and hopefully many other more.

In New York soll Dr. Sketchy’s Anti Art School ein Event sein, that regularly 100-150 Artist can come together. Who knows?, maybe something like this is indeed possible in Berlin.



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