real glasses and fake eyes

Funny goggles on comic faces

If you frequently hangs out in the party scene, it can be, that will be addressed at some point right before a party….

ZOE, I need you sometime.

Nice first, that someone knows my name 🙂 It was the guy, the Sheila and me filmed on the Underground Catwalk ever, and a small Anmoderation for a report on one of the typical 24 Was inferior hour crash bars in Berlin with me.

Unfortunately, I've forgotten his name, so I call him now, just once “The types”.

So the guy has a blog, on which it is for all personnel, so run it on the road, his glasses on his nose is, this then photographed and the image is on the internet. So far, there are 133 Images with the same glasses on different part very bizarre noses come together – Thursday and now just a picture of me.

Although the last one is the image of a squid, and none of me, but I have “the types” just hold my camera in hand and so their image, as it will appear in around shortly there…

Not just an image on which I can be proud – or am. But I'm barely able to defend themselves against, to appear on the blog…. There were the Michael Michalsky Brillen somehow chic.

But what the hell, I can defend myself yes, after all, I also have a blog, I can adjust to the bad images of other people. See here the return game, so to speak.

… That is my wig on his head…

Do not misunderstand. This is all show. He's cool and I allow him my picture of course, just as he allows me to take this picture with me 🙂


2 thoughts on “real glasses and fake eyes

  1. hi zoe, in, you met me very well. I'm really happy that you wrote so beautiful things about my blog. I think the wig suits me. Oh I, and you can just remember black roy aka smiggy ballz from Thank you… bye for now, I'll get back to you.

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