Samsung F480

My new baby – A F480

Almost three months ago, I had already written about it, that my cell phone provider to offer new to the current Top-Handys has been ridiculed for a contract extension with me.

Several emails and a phone call later, I still can not track Mobilcom to be important enough, to keep me as a customer.. With 40-70 € monthly cell phone bill is pretty bad. So I changed…

And I've noticed, that mobile phone retailers such as second-hand dealers are, they do not necessarily offer a, what you want and above all, you should NEVER accept the first or second offer.

First of I visited the shop Freenet with a very inadequate supply, in my opinion. I wanted a good contract AND a good phone – have just taken the N95 from Nokia.

Therefore, I looked for the O2 shop on Freenet, the seller I actually sought out a good contract and wanted to put the N95 for a euro available… All good!

However… I searched again before the media market to see, what was offered to me there… What a miracle! They offered me the exact same contract from O2, and the phone just for one euro.

But nosing around I noticed yet another phone on. Das Samsung F480. A mobile phone with touch screen and also a 5 Megapixel Camera. 5 Minutes later it was clear, which can keep the N95 and any normal phone with keyboard. I want a touchscreen and I want to have this F480. Nothing else comes into my bag.

The first was a question of the price 145 € for the mobile phone… Disillusionment! My question, whether this could really be, the seller looked again into the computer and found out, that this phone but now suddenly only 59 Should cost €… But such a phone purchase to be considered and so I went back to the O2 shop to efahren, what does that have for the O2 mobile phone itself.

79 € – So too much… No thanks!

….I let me go through it all again the head for it and decided to visit the next day to a new Media Markt.

…I asked again about the price and received the unexpected price of 1 €

…145 €, 79 €, 49 €, 1 €… It seems worth, with mobile phones necessarily, once more ask, if you are not with the price 100 % strength is satisfied.

Hello Mobilcom. The F480 is a current top mobile phone at an affordable price. Tiny Makes !!


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