Dragqueen Show im Irrenhouse

Everyone in the asylum house this time

Thursday night and I get only the last Saturday. Nundenn, it HiLoft nothing, the blog must go on and it must clearly here EVERYONE Irrenhouse Are discussed and shown Monday, so also the September 2008. And what was this time well filled.

Normally one finds in a mental house except the three or four drags on stage hardly Drags. This evening was different. Many light it is early autumn, that all come crawling back out of their holes.

Melli, Mataina, Nina, Glory, Janka, Sheila, I, Inez, Kitana, Olga, Barbie, Friend, I've forgotten what? Swarmed at this time drags on, front and side of the stage. Was will man mehr. Barbie Breakout I just think gedresst never seen House in a mental. So kann es kommen, when one builds a couch potato just wigs and bored.


On stage, but were the other Grand Dames of the Berlin travesty – namely three in the first issue. Melli Magic, :Nina Queer: and :Mataina Ah wie Süß: good and especially silver protected provided the theme song of the three previous hit show “Music is the key” from, a melody, which probably everyone knows, although the show already 27 Years is deducted. Although neither Peter Franken field, Max Greger had not yet managed to show a staircase to mislead House, but it was a good start to a nice show.


Honestly, I must confess, me then that the following number is not really haute off the stool. :Gloria Viagra: sang and performed a number, I did not know. Ja genau, sie the… and as it often happens in singing Drags, they go a little addition to the drags, the “only” Playback singing under, because the playback of the song is just perfect, the live singing not always. Then she brought nothing, that they entered the stage with dancers and Vickie as a dancer….

But the, Vickie, I call once a career. The second time in a mental house, and performing on stage. What is missing, dass sie das nächste Mal eine Einzelperformance bekommt 🙂 Auf jeden Fall wäre es ein Versuch wert, Vickie is probably one of the craziest people, so go around in an asylum House – and yet so wonderfully normal.


Much better since I found Melli Magic, which “nice from behind” and showed the same piece Stereo Total performte. …Oh ish like this French accent. How was that still has the so beautiful tingled with this beer in my belly button. …This time, the beer tingled under my shoe sole. Unfortunately, I just had to change the battery in my camera and leave my Becks Lemon on the floor. There it went to someone and I was standing in the beer.


Still lacked the third guest star Mataina Ah how sweet, die Lady Bitch Ray darbot. Lady Bitch Ray? Was not that the Skandalrapperin, for their antics got even Harald Schmidt anger by the Broadcasting? I mean, THE Harald Schmidt, made the Hitler Parodies and made the common joke Poland socially acceptable.

Well, the song was not very nice, but very clear and had a lot of text. But listen yourself.

Why, Stupid but I Bratze the great end, where all four ladies on stage were not shut- or. have uploaded, opens up to me not quite. After all, it was the largest on this evening. It was not a live version but heard a lot of cheers, in addition it was really romantic with many, many sparklers… Well maybe I'll find the video somewhere again… Then there will be the same here.

Was there anything else? Oh I. The Partypixxer had an apprentice this time there, was admitted to the right the two most important rules of event photography:

1. If drag queens are present, they must be frequently and well photographed.
2. A good photograph will necessarily also the heels of the feet.

I believe, he has understood and internalized both after the first astray House visit. So it should be.

Oh, there is something, because I have to post a picture. The sweetest girl in an asylum with the House and actually the only reason, die Bar in der Raucherlounge zu besuchen 😉 Naja fast zumindest.


4 thoughts on “Dragqueen Show im Irrenhouse

  1. Gloria Viagra sang und performte eine Nummer, die ich nicht kannte.
    Bist du die Zö, mit der ich (fast) jedes Wochenende unterwegs bin???
    Das war Kate Perry mit “I kissed a girl”…das momentan ca. All 5 Minuten auf den Partys zu hören ist!
    Im übrigen war der Gag der Nummer, dass Gloria das “girl” im Schritt küsste und damit gleich Vickysletzte Regelin ihrem Gesicht verteilte, danach zuI sucked a boybei dem Typ weitermachte…well, den Ausgang kennt man ja
    Hier nochmal zur Erinnerung:

    PS: Brauchst du ne Korrekturleserin??? :))

  2. *lol*… zumal das bei mir schon seit Sonntag im Blog steht…. du liest meinen Blog einfach nicht…. das macht mir echt zu schaffen…… wegen dir gehen meine zugriffszahlen in den Keller *lol*

  3. Hey hey die Dame 😉

    Etwas spaet, aber besser als niehier meldet sich das Weibchen an deiner Seite aus dem Geburtstagsklub.
    Thx fuer deinen suessen Kommentar, freue mich immer wenn du mich an der Bar besuchen kommst. Hoffe wir sehen uns auch im naechsten Irrenhouse?

    Rock on,
    und ich steh auf deine Vampirlinsen!!!


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