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and my favorite seamstress

Insipid, Saturday evening will therefore start with a Verabstaltung, According to the Sammy should begin with a Pinup Contest. Clear, that we wanted to get there, but what to wear. my red polkadot dress I had so often, my blue dots dress and also the third Pepitakleidchen although I have still no pictures, but I had it already but at least – oh at least once too often in recent months. Consequently, I desperately needed a new dress.

In Hamburg I had known since a real shop, in Berlin, but no, the Sheila had not been grazed entirely. ..That may have changed now. I have the Crazy Box found, Place a small shop near Boxhagen, the presumably everyone, who has ever used or Rockabilly pinup clothing, knows. However, although it Dord of bows, Dots and strawberries teeming, I found nothing, what would have occurred to me to talk to Sheila.

Although this shop is much bigger than my living room and a total of maybe just once 10 Had clothes hanging there, you could browse a while and you could spend a lot of money. A small but nice shop. I found a cute dress, that was actually pretty affordable with.

But the male physiognomy simply something is still different than the female, I could so with this dress, start bit, if I did not want to look slightly baggy this evening. Oben is perfekt passte, but below it was a bit far. (When are the garments manufacturer finally for their new target group – speak to me – tailor?)

Unfortunately, the chance of change is small, wenn man(n) Saturday noon to decide, having to buy new clothes for Saturday evening…

Fortunately, however, I have settled with me Kreuzberg in a great area, in which there is a small tailor in the Orange Street… in the sweet-Turkish seamstress Although only looked a little funny, when I told her, that the dress should fit me and I urgently “today” would require. That was not a problem, although already 13 Clock was by.

So I could not have two hours later, the wonderful dress to my measurements changed again fetch. At least I could now. Whether it is generally the, I will certainly soon find, I have chosen this to be my favorite from now Tailoring Tailoring.

Learned a great new shop know and met great new Tailoring. Successful day


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