Who will host nothing is.

or: Olivie Jones makes ne bar.

in CC by Markus Merz

How could I just read? Olivia Jones does ne bar? Now, who will not say it will host yes. Although nothing can be said of you Olivia hardly, war sie doch schon Dragqueen of the Worls, Big Brother resident, Wife Swap-Mommy, Udo Lindenberg Mitsängerin, Hamburg city guide, Mayor candidate, with her hat on csd this year Tatjana Taft Lookalike, Party organizer, Moderateuse, Red Carpet Collector, Hamburg's most famous tranny and what I still remember everything. Only landlady she was not to my knowledge. – That will change now.

hmmm… bakannteste the tranny makes a city a bar on? Who reminds me that again? Hmmm ich komme bestimmt noch drauf 😉 Na egal, definitely Olivia Nina Queers filth hobby has a great advantage ahead. The location.

Olivia Jones has in fact caught the old Rasputin. It lies in Hamburg's most famous street, going to turn second most famous street of the Reeperbahn hamburg. The Rasputin is also just across the Great Freedom 36, THE Hamburger Party and Musikepizentrum and launch the career of the Beatles. They have all played here. Kylie Minogue, Prince, ZZ-Top, Robbie Williams, Duran Duran, The Pogues, Bad Religion, Green Day, David Bowie and and and and just at the beginning of the Beatles career. A great past.

But the bar, The Olivia has fished there, has Eien past. It's always been a bar, but rather to a bar where I could not stop the tranny tilted too long, did not want to be killed with looks. The Rasputin always harbored a whole lot of ladies, but it is not the real women. In short, it was THE Transenpuff in Hamburg and not within spitting distance of about from the Hamburg transport line in the jewelry street. Not a good address.

In, it will be interesting, what is Olivia doing out of it. It promises, it will the flashiest bar throughout the city…. Nundenn, in any case it has to pay on the corner masses of tourist footfall and probably a corresponding rent. You will have to toil so neat. Let's see if they manage to do it because, because as ….Dragqueen of the Worls, Big Brother resident uswusf one has really little time, also to take care of a bar…


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