The Master of Disguise: David Bowie

David Bowie and his transfer – Ego


I fell into the hands of the Zitty at lunch a few days ago. That's sort of the victory column for the non-gay society of Berlin. In other words,. It is THE event magazine from Berlin and it has to offer in addition to the tons of dates still a couple stories about Berlin. This time consisted of a David Bowie.

Has in fact fled decades ago along with Iggy Pop in front of the enjoyment of too many drugs to Berlin, because it was so nice and quiet here – that was when Berlin was still less than half as large as it is today and there was a hideous painted brick wall in the middle.

Now, apparently were the few years, the David Bowie in Berlin spent one of the reasons, why Berlin is still considered as Urban and Cool David Bowie and obviously has done well this time itself, some very genaiale plates originated but here.

Why am I writing all this? Now I find David Bowie class – as, moreover, Iggy Pop and searched a long time for a topic, to publish a great commercial with David Bowie, by can admire his entire ego again – and all that easy for a vile water….


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