It continues.

This month, I treated my blog very neglected and did not come to my everyday meaningful post. Some will have read, with a notice that this, which has deprived me of this month-end on the last day of the last month of my job, was related. There are just off and on more important things than just a blog.- A job search to be exact.

It now comes to an end, because running when not too much wrong, I'm back in time for the first of December wages and bread and no longer need me to Job Search, Care preparation of job interviews or the employment office.

In this respect this blog should now come back the necessary time.


2 thoughts on “It continues.

  1. was soll ich sagen zoe? ich freue mich für dich und natürlich auch ein stück weit für mich (ein wenig egoistisch aber auch sozialpadagogisch)! lets rock the hits to save your job! keep trying girl

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