Madonna auf der Squeezebox-party

It's been a while since, as we pitched on the last Squeezebox Party. Nevertheless, it is always a pleasure, because both Squeezebox and the Monster Ronsons Ichiban Karaoke Bar sind cool. With substantial Trash factor but cool.


But it was cool outside and indeed we already suspected, that we would have to park miles away again. But we found a free parking spot right in front of Monster Ronson. Yeah!… No! That was a taxi bay… But here… Yeah!… No! This is a disabled parking space… not good….

We then found a place but still, was about to be reached in a reasonably acceptable time the club, that the curb was, however, not only for lowered cars but also for Sheila's car has a really high hurdle, we name tacitly accepted in order not to freeze to death during the forced march.


Ge- but we got He-frozen at the club and although not a second too soon. As we entered the Monster Ronson's just the show and finge :Gloria Viagra: and Sherry Vine just took the stage with the Squeezebox Party. We did not even have, store the jackets.

Muss man sagen, I was happy for my jacket BEFORE the Club, THE club but it was a little warm, but what does it matter already, because we were commissioned by the Mr. Blogs on the go and that meant, to perpetuate the show of Gloria and Sherry – This we did.


Now Squeezebox is somehow only half Squeezebox, Sherry Vine if not bored in the city and Gloria alleien must hold the line on stage. However, this time there were both – and not alone , because a real world star boarded the Squeezebox stage. – A Star, of millions of records sold and really is an icon of music history. I speak of none other than Madonna.

Madonna? …I admit, I Madonna 've never seen them live, but I must confess, that I have presented to look a little big like me, in retrospect it seemed to me rather a bit like Ades Zabel, but since I'm probably completely wrong.


It was found, however,, that Madonna has a few problems, four thousand eight hundred twenty-three to remember their songs, because they needed the help of a note. A teleprompter probably did not exist, so just had to help vulgar paper. Of course, but was dr appearance of Madonna by simply se once class, since when can you see such a megastar ever live.

But stars are Gloria and sherry, too, and unlike Madonna she knew their texts. Together with her band and equipped with the world's biggest giant monster tits reintroduced the two roughly 30 Years of rock history. And I must also say, that especially Sherry Vine has a presence on stage, of the self-Madonna can still cut a slice.


Yes I am on good songs and good music and there are at Squeezebox parties live on stage as well as to preserve the appearance. We sonst bekommt man Blondie, Can be heard Sharam and the Violent Femmes and wash down this nice evening with nice drinks. It should be praised, that the Monster Ronson's Karaoke bar had no Becks Lemon, but I only “Alsterwasser” could be offered. Although this was not on the bottle, but it has been called by the great counter specialist entirely correct as. That the lake is the pent-up river in the center of Hamburg, I need not to mention hopefully, or?

…So be it, It was a nice evening, but the end was now hungry and dismissed us into the night with the fixed default, somewhere to eat a pizza… which is not at once be so easily proved, but that's another story.


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