Fashion Rock Night 2009

Fashion Rock Night 2009

The Berlin Fashion Week starts again soon, and also, if it is a few days back, it is already worth, now deal with it already, otherwise there are no more cards – should you decide to try somewhere.

But even if, often, there are always little cards for people, not invited (and thus important) are. Boss, Joop!, Michalsky, the big shows are certainly not only big but also like. Exciting they are also safe, but somewhat less exciting big-like from time to time. Should read something wicked is smaller and the counterpart. And that's the Fashion Rock Night.

The Alternative Media and Events GbR, at the Berlin Fashion Week Summer for three years the great Underground Catwalk organized, invites the 31. January to the second Fashion Rock Night at the car tuners West Coast Customs.

Are shown but not this time young models underground fashion designers but Stars, whose reputations need not hide from a Wolfgang Joop and Hugo Boss. Only that this stems more from a different direction. They are music stars, while more megastars. Jay-Z and Chester Bennington (Linkin Park) will her two fashion label Rocawear, and Ve'cel run against each other.

Now Jay-Z is even more for rap than rock, but one can assume, that the music is quite loud and dirty. Above all, one can be sure, that it is very very good.

Just 300 Tickets are on sale, also fixed strike.


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