Drag Queen Wahl

Crisalidrag elected to the new Drag Queen of the carnival Piratas

I'm still a little entry to the carnival in Las Palmas Piratas guilty. At least I'm the result of guilty. The winner is called Chrisalidrag and she won with her costume “In self-defense”, what means defense means.


I personally would not have chosen this marzialische costume in the first place, though it is clearly class, but I also do not sit on the jury, had to etscheiden about. For all ¤ lle Chrisalidrag has won this election and a total drag queen 15 Gouged participants. Number two and three drag DÃÆ'Ã, avax achieved with “â € œThe Secret of Pirate” und Drag MandrÃÆ'Ã,  ¡gora mit “â € œEternia”.

In any case it is clear, that there were some interesting costumes and wacky shoes, below 15 cm Platoes not the Drags there is probably gone to the onstage. Rather, it was more inches. Perhaps the ladies have misunderstood something, when it came to them under the green ¶ ßte.. So be it, I still believe, that at some point I have to go.


Might have seen it live 4000 Persons on the spot and 2,5 Mio Spanier, because this drag queen election was broadcast live on Spanish TV.


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