Clover @ 25 Years Victory Column

Clover Birthday of the Victory Column

For a long time I wanted to write an article about dei band Clover, because clover has long been one my favorite bands and has already sweetened me one way or another long drive between Hamburg and Berlin. The title of the entry should have anything to do with it, that the voice of Suzie Kerstgens purest eroticism. Melt a voice to kneel or to. Depending on what you prefer it straight. Nun ja, I never wrote this article – today, because on Friday I saw Clover for the first time live.


I received two free tickets to the 25 Annual festivity of the Victory Column, which should take place at Admiral Palace. A Gayfestivität at Admiral Palace. Something completely new, but why not. A beautiful location, the Victory Column has chosen there for their anniversary. I'm a big fan of this building, is nothing new, and also dei victory column I always read from back to front through, when I get my hands on. So now both together and then with a midnight concert of clover, one of my favorite bands. Was will man mehr?


At least I had, because traveling alone – no great desire, dressen to me, because I really wanted to see yes even clover, So I set about half 12 as a fellow in the direction of Admiral Palace. I had actually also still looking for a second free ticket, on which my ex-colleague would have been pleased, I would have been aware… Would have been even more exciting, because clover came a lot later than planned so I could the Victory Column from front to back and then read it again the other way around, because little else was going on at the Admiral Palace…


Goofy, but that had more than one reason. For one day and it was AI presents himself, that it is not ohnt, to think about another Gayevent on the first Saturday of the month. Not even an anniversary of the Victory Column. … But this is not about anything but there is a second, has more specifically to do with the Victory Column Gayzeitschrift and your role as a business model.

The Victory Column lives of, show ads. She lives it, that people should look into the magazine and read these ads and then a pilgrimage to the parties indicated there. For this, the Victory Column takes Prices, which are quite permissible. …. However, I have never really believed in it, that really works. I heard already party organizer, who put money into the massive Blu and Victory Column and the effect was rather low to zero. The evening seemed to have been acknowledgment, denn ich sah ausser in der Siegessäule selber und auf der Internetseite des Admiralspalast keine Hinweise auf diese Party. Zu jeder Propaganda, each AI or the GMF is a fix is ​​delivered with flyers everywhere, where resides the target group. At this party, I have not seen a flyer – and accordingly, it was empty and then.

the great hall after the concert Clover

After the concert hall of the great admiral palace was almost deserted, and only in front of the bar in the second place, the small dance floor was full. But that was not the event 25 Years Victory Column still reasonable compared to the location. Pity.

Should I throw a party once it says flyers flyers flyers and in my blog anteasern course, but it has more visitors per month than the Victory Column printed copies… Hmmm ich sollte ins Partybanner-Advertising einsteigen 🙂 Aber was das Flyern angeht, I guess, that you have to do it yourself, because there is likely to find someone really good be a tough job, like the flyers is a tough job itself.

at least the top was all kinds of wrong

No matter, the party is likely to be rather been a flop by visitors, However, clover were great. So thanks for Victory Column clover and thank Admiral Palace for the free cards.


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