Wilde Renate

The Wilde Renate

The Wilde Renate is no female fury, it is also not very bad weather front (get missed also always female names, but a music playback facility… I refuse to do specially the word Disco, because it's somehow not as well under the word “Club” I imagine something else commonly ago… To be quite honest the Wild Renate is a condemned building, is celebrated on the electronic music. Put on two floors in some former apartments DJs and so many people, how to know just how fit and in these few apartments, celebrate this.


Unfortunately, that's despite, or precisely because of the demolition of charm, the wild Renate darstellt, a lot of people, because it has long been considered an open secret tip. More open secret, however, as, because I was when I arrived at the end of a long line… even a three-quarters of an hour later I was standing at the – although other – To be let in the end of this snake and was worried about… Before me that some have not, by pointing to a lack of femininity.. Since I was not gedresst and clearly male, my chances were rather low, but I had a trump, my red Schottenkaroanzug. Obviously was the doorman, which preserved the wild Renate from overly boring or male audience, I would therefore deserves, enter….

Okay, So I was in there and pushed me through this demolition flats with bare walls and torn walls, lined with kitsch and a DJ stage, which seemed only provisionally… But this system has flair Provisional. Obviously, the Wilde Renate is to bring back the time, in the wild techno parties held in Abruchhäusern and similar venues and only insiders knew this… That worked quite well, not only just with the initiated. This was because the status of wild Renate is also long. Nevertheless, it is fun.

I knew such a termination flair so far only from the red flora from Hamburg, the epicenter of the great hamburger hill district…. However, this is not a music playback facility but epicenter is in the middle of nowhere outside very far in Freidrichshain not far from the River Spree in Treptow the bridge. Nevertheless, the atmosphere was good and the music class. In this respect, the Wild Renate's quite a tip from me to each, standing on electronic music and not in little black dress with high heel sandals must assume. Because that would be out of place here.


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