Aufgebrezelt For The Producers

Brezelbinden und The Producers Flyer

It is less than a month ago, that I lack flyering for 25 Years Victory Column Party have written. I wrote, that you really should be looking for good people to flyers – or would it just make yourself. And not even a month later I suddenly flyere on itself.

Why I'm doing something like this?

Now I'm sale! And in this case it meant something doctorate at an evening in which we are always on the go for probably the most exciting awaited musical Berlin, da bin ich mit großen Freuden dabei und die Promotion in diesem Blog gibt es sozusagen gratis dazu 🙂


Saturday night was our first stop so the Admiralty, to pick up a flyer box and two red-white-black binding pretzel with Peter and Hellbrueck us ever before “THe Producers” To be photographed Poster. …It is already wondering about the name Sheila Wolf, the “so fake” sound… Can we understand not at all.


We were a quarter of an hour late, as Peter gave us to understand. For it was precisely the Long Night of Opera and Theatre and The Producers Ensemble presented before the musical parts before – Unfortunately, without us…Do we need to wait just a little.


In any case, we roamed the pretzel binding on us and said goodbye to Peter in the direction Spy Club in the party night. Honestly I had a few thoughts, how people would react to the provocation of red-white-black binding pretzel, had asoziieren with swastika armbands that everyone immediately, but the reactions were okay. Many of them have already can get in touch immediately with the musical, other, something that looked distraught, were immediately calmed, when you pressed them a flyer in hand and explained briefly, worum es in The Producers geht.

In addition,:
The public display of pretzels is THEN expressly allowed, if they NOT “¾ of civic education, the defense of unconstitutional efforts, the art or science, research or teaching, is reporting on events of current affairs or history or similar purposes”

But to make them visually apparent, that it is in pretzel banners and binding not right wing ideas, but is great irony, to run around with it as two Drags, is hardly.

In addition, I also, that one can and must the person laugh about Hitler, but never on the, what he has done to the world. In this respect one should do both. Laugh in The Producers or the great dictator of the person Hitler – but certainly once – wie Gloria Viagra – last week or I visit a concentration camp during school time once, to his deeds never to forget.

My biggest problem, I had the pretzel binding, was the size of the napkin. Not made for fine drag-arms and, unfortunately, much too large. After speaking to the binding, however, 15 Flyern von Chantals House Of Shame ausgestopft habe, then came the.

Oh, me is there still noticed a banner on the side of the Victory Column, I you do not want to hide: 25% Rabatt auf Musicalkarten für The Producers:


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