Zoe was here – Street

Zoe was there.

I was not him and I was never there!

Lately, I keep reading about the issue of street. Thus one can mean the whole artistic and artistic graffiti sticker.

As far as I know to see the “Cause” as an artist and even some House members see it that way. …In other countries are even real estate values ​​have risen, if only the right artist has immortalized there….

I believe, quite so far it is not yet in Berlin, but there are at reclaimyourcity.net a very nice gallery of many Berlin Street Arts, many of which are really great. Just watch and be amazed. There should even be a street art tour of Berlin, the one leading into various backyards and even in private buildings…

Why do I get on reclaimyourcity.net? Now I could never get it, until I saw the above artwork today, that rather than vile graffiti, because is seen as a street… And I swear, I was not.


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