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Stars and starlets VII – Lilo Wanders

Eventually, I started again with the category Stars and starlets and wanted something to a couple people – maybe saogar nice – write. Today, however, I have noted with horror, that the last entry with SuperZandy is already almost a year ago. Actually, I had made several months determined Barbie Breakout incorporated into this small series, but something always got in the way. Today again – namely this little article about Lilo Wanders.

Lilo Wanders? Is not this true love tranny?

And, that's it, but it is more. Sure with what you “True Love” the first tranny, which has brought it into serious broadcasting times away any drag shows alone on German TV. She was there to educate Aunt German television, it was probably not prevent. In any case, it has been Germany, travesty that does not hurt, and in “True Love” it was rather quiet retreat from swingers club visits, Testing of rubber dolls or I wasweiss….


Of course I never saw it 😉 but all of Germany suddenly watched a tranny on TV, the not so corresponded, what was imagined as… Lilo Wanders was indeed always has a good spell or a repartee, but neither came tuntig, still funky, Customized sexy or even contrived to. Lilo Wanders was simply Lilo Wanders, a real woman not quite as host of True Love. I'm actually sure, dass those individuals gab, the latter point – So the woman does not, not the presenter – have not noticed.

… Sure you ever raises easily with words or designations to be, But Lilo Wanders for me is definitely the person in Germany, Title I of the “Grande Dame” the travesty would concede. She has certainly seen it all before and needs to prove himself and anyone else anything. This fact struck me the first time at right, when I gave her preface to large Tuntenbuch read and thought: “Agreed, Who if not you should write something like” Lilo Wanders already raved about the stages of Germany and especially Hamburg as known today of all the trannies and drags was not thinking – and maybe not on the freedoms, that allow us today, done, what we want.

I, Lilo Wanders, Sheila

Had not yet Lilo Wanders tingelte Ernie Reinhardt with a gay theater group through the country and was a member of a Tuntenchor he moved from Bremen to Hamburg on the Reeperbahn. He opened with the Corny Littman 8.8.88 The Schmidt Theater, made the easy outrageously high-pitched theater.

In the legendary midnight show he developed the washed up actress Lilo Wanders, which led to scathing comments with obscenities, and by the evening. It Lilo Wanders has always been a very strange figure. Some glamor but not really. A dream, the Lilo Wanders lives and it really just a dream.

I created Lilo Wanders as a washed up actress from the Glitter- and glamor world, the still believes, to be a world star

Well Wanders woman in her moving chair was a highlight of this great show. The show was so successful Schmidt, that it was broadcast on TV channels in all third… In allen? No one an inflexible village called Bavaria thought of this open homosexuellplüschigen and loopy Revue not much and not transferred. Whether total or only partially is not me unfortunately unknown, Bayern but was probably turned off the NDR signal on test image as a Poster Aidshilfe shown. At that time, probably unheard unheard. (So at least, and at least in Bavaria)

“Good evening dear guests,
we'll enjoy in the best,
with Mr. Schmidt and Kommödianten
and not always real aunts.”

After four years Schmidt ran the midnight show on TV – Schmidt Theater in there they still, but with different presenters as Mrs. and Mr. Emmi Willnowsky, Kay Ray, Ades Zabel or just rare occasions also Lilo Wanders… In any case, the person Lilo Wanders was then known as, that they became independent and Ernie Reinhardt Lilo Wanders was now. Whether the short film “Given your assessment differs fatal Lilo Wanders committed suicide” from 1994 now an attempt was, to let the character die I doubt it, because obviously they are still there. Not quite as massive as in the past, but every now and again. Long but not more than washed up actress but just as the person Lilo Wanders, as we know it today.

That they then as I said a while Wa(h)has moderated re Liebe, everyone knows, on programs like the celebrity dinner or it also occurs from time to time in the larger public appearance, your homepage currently lists two programs, she wrote books, lent her voice as a voice, was seen in television and movies, next to it still shows moderate. Overall, still very untriebig the lady.

For more information about private life I will not spread here, for I am not even the image – where I could read it. Obviously Lilo – Married but no Ernie and noisy image Hinnerk and probably also happy. And that's what counts yes. Who wants to know more, can google so times and then find the date of birth in the vastness of the Internet. Lilo is just as much about 30, so what in our circles, where man traditionally the 23 does not exceed and then only if 24 is quite already has an almost biblical age.

30 but also means, that we will probably still get some time on stages across Germany Lilo Wanders. Beautiful!


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  1. I would be interested, to what extent michel paul nareff and ernie reinhardt alias lilo wanders are identical !

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