Tolles dresses an doofer Tusse

Wanted: great pinstripe dress – Obtain: stupid answer.

Yesterday evening I was – ungedresst – with a friend and two friends in the neighborhood and go for a visit to the Queen Calavera still in 20 Flight Rock and around there to go at all, I had a girlfriend before firstonce a little 'fears. She was probably already been there and I felt so uncomfortable. As she said? Which are racist – each of the would not be, as they would be doing there looked very strange or even stupid… Nonsense, because I had never had problems. Just go with the necessary self-understanding and have fun… But as it happens to be always so, you can not rid the world of an opinion, if it repeats.

In 20 Flight Rock are always a couple girls present, gedresst are very great, and in this case attracted a dress my interest, black, knee length, with pinstripe, a collar of satin fabric behind it somewhere between gold and cream front and a longer slot as well with this satin fabric. A dream of this dress. This was this girl a great hairstyle, So overall very unusual, sehr nett. – At least the appearance.

What do you do, if you see a dress, that a like, one wonders just once shortly after:

Excuse, may I ask you briefly, where you bought this great dress?

And, but I will not tell you

she said in an icy, arrogant tone, where even the hot springs were summarily frozen in Iceland and had, before I “damage” could say, return march was already done and gone in the opposite direction. I disappeared for me to get a new drink in the bar the other Rictung, Unfortunately, because mine was snap-frozen.

Now I do not know, whether they thought, I would turn on them stupid or just an arrogant chick, But since I actually asked nicely, I guess times first true, the note of my friend, but that they had obviously not so wrong to dismiss this little but I could. Goofy.

Goofy also, I have now not found, where I can find such a dress now. Because I would have it in spite of this icy dissipation like

Edit: Thanks to Sari for the link to the dress up at Stop Staring. It could be this dress, In any case, it comes very close, I think the collar was a little less wide, but am not sure, unless someone else has an idea such einers dress in the color Andren, this is as good as bought. Und das trage ich dann das nächste Mal wenn ich in Hamburg bin 😉


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