Nachos, Mojito and an empty Bassy

We need to reflect 20:00 be in the Bassy


That was the testimony of Sheila, I could be persuaded to come along to Big John Bates. Actually was talking about a slight issue, because Rockabilly and Burlesque… they would not come along, then would have surprised me very hard…

She made even the necessary space on the ith at the entrance and talked to the promoter to schedule an interview with the band from. And we of course had to urgently 20:00 of sein, everything else is just. Consequently, I went to work early, made less break and went home earlier accordingly, where Sheila already lambasted about half an hour and once again brought no food on the table, when the man of the house after a difficult day's work came home… tsts

No matter, it had to be quick, since you did not wait for us… and it was at least as fast, that we only shortly after 20 Uhr am Bassy ankamen…

However, the band was not there – like none other. The Bassy was empty and neither the band nor from guests or employees-Bassy was something to see. A brief conversation brought the info, that the band at White Trash would eat something and the whole thing anyway before half 11 would not begin…. In super

So also on the White Trash on NEN and NEN big plate of nachos Mojito, dssen me-attributable part fit only, was relaxed as my corset to a few cm…. For excessive food intake while wearing the really did not think… It was heralded by phone or visit. Ksenia and Tom of WALKONHEELS for a conversation among Heelsträger / inside, Then came the right nor to Big John Bates…


Achja Big John Bates. Sheila's interview request brought us again into the holy – enlarged – Backstage halls of Bassy on a nice and very casual conversation with John and Little Miss Risk, one of the two burlesque dancers, who are traveling with the band.

Furchtbar online, both of. This was particularly evident again, how incredibly small the world. To my statement, that executed the bar extremely high for a good show after our last visit a band in Bassy, showed, that the band had already played with the Boss Hoss and the boys would know… As the only German band Rammstein otherwise John knew the way only…


But that's not all, I wanted Little Miss Risk's got to be the tip, when they were in Hamburg soon, Queen Skull Meter paar die zu laufen ins… But the tip was obviously no insider tip, because she knew immediately, shop and knew what I meant to report, that there would work but Eve Champagne, the way, would make you a show in Hamburg… No news for them but. Solely with the study just published, that characterized their home city of Vancouver's most liveable city in the world, I could surprise.

But no matter, nevertheless we had to overcome three or three and a half hours between arrival and appearance, we had with mojito, Nachos, Talks on heels and a nice talk with John Bates and Little Miss Risk no boredom… so ist recht. Oh, and we got the official permission, to film. For once, a band, the white, dass Filme und Fotos Werbewert haben und nicht böse sind 🙂


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