Dykes vs. Drag Queens

Baseball is probably THE quintessential American sport. Except in America, a man has never been found, what should be of interest to the sport, but it is there, it is a religion and an event, to go to a baseball game and look at this.


Besides baseball, there is also a variant of the game, which is called softball and probably looked something like this is how women's football hooligans… Nevertheless, softball is played and that as women's football in general by women. However, this sport can be exciting, when played by the right team.


dykes3This happened about a month ago when the Dykes Vs. Drag Queens Bat-N-Rouge softball game rather masculine women and feminine men pretty faced to find out, who is better in softball.

There actually was an angel on high heels with Victoria's Secret bag in the outfield. At least that seems to have been a very trashy and very fun affair, at the end of the Dyke Lesbian 33:29 was obtained. So have now won the men or the women? No matter, because it was for a good cause. For example, could face Runs 100 $ be purchased, that the GLBT Capitol Hill Alano Club zugute kamen. Funny story, the whole thing.


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