CSD Party

2x CSD Party – Cocker Party und Kino International


The interest of each CSD Party is not the party itself – mostly the fact not one bit better than other parties in the course of. Often they are even empty, because a limited number of visitors to a seemingly endless number of parties makes. No, the interesting CSD of each party are usually the people, are there, and otherwise just are not there….


This is partly due to people, out of the trust for the first time, posed only at Pride weekend or those, are just only for CSD weekend in Berlin and then, of course, visit one of the related parties… No I am not talking of Nina Petite, which is so common here, but for example, Babs and Jacki, who brought in this case still Chrystel Cox. But later more.


First, we moved into WMF to Cockerparty. …WMF, the name is an institution in Berlin and probably the reason, why the so called GMF, as it says. Rumours say it's one of the top party venues in Berlin and there were Eien ordinary queue outside… Hmmm I myself was not completely convinced by WMF, when I go from a top club… Wenn ich allerdings  einfach eine nette Partylocation suche, then the club can be great…. I found the atmosphere a little like, as the old Cafe Moscow as there still lodged the GMF. A little school auditorium flair, but a little run down with the right people probably with a great atmosphere.


As long as we were, however, because, it was not really crowded. As we do not also. Since you invited us actually all four on a drink at each one and what we asked for drinks selection? Um Miss Mal Cola… Man man man, Okay, Janka is that Nina and renounce alcohol well known and I was on penicillin, so far I have kept myself rather then alcohol free. Nevertheless, one shook his head at us. Can be as low us never again invite.


Since Stella DeStroy however occurred on the next big CSD Party at Kino International, We also changed the party place here and met a few other Drags, the man – as already mentioned rather not meet in Berlin. Babs and Jacki and Chrystel Cox. ..Of this drag DJ I ever read, DACTA allerdings, it was just another misspelling berlin Christel Cokes. If it is not already obvious, and the other a year or longer to drag turntables go. This time allerdins in cinema as Partyfeiernde International.


There were actually three performances, of which two “Poker Face” were. Firstly Biggi van Blond and Adessa Zabel gave this song the best, just the other valve. Which clearly was the better in direct comparison in my opinion Stella variation. The third rat Nina Queer then with Ficki Ficki Ouch ouch on, but this one has the irgendwieschon one time or another seen.


Ultimately, however, we remained comparatively short this evening on the way, because we were that day once again comparatively long way on high heels, was dann wiederum vergleichweise große Schmerzen verursachte udn vergleichsweise viele Blasenpflaster benötigte 😉 Ein hoch auf die Dinger und ein Hoch auf den CSD. Next weekend, it then continues in Cologne.



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