Kim Petras singt and.

About two and a half years ago, I about Kim Petras, under the title: Transgender Children. Damals war Kim 13 and a transsexual young girl, whose fate diverse media coverage, some Star TV appearances and even a Wikipedia entry generated. (why I'm actually still not?) ….And obviously some fame for her – they obviously exploits very clever..


Kim, in the meantime 16 Years and now also physically very woman sings namely today and obviously fairly successful. Already 2008 brought her two singles mainly out on Myspace and her last brought it, after all there on 250.000 Hits. Now she wants to do professionally but , this includes with record company and everything… For example, articles in the image, the Sun, looking in Switzerland and who knows even terms everywhere.


At that time I saw something this media hype yes ambivalent. In this case, however, I seem to have been mistaken. Beautiful, that they have found each other and obviously so running everything in her life, as they imagine.


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