Washing machine used, Bought LCD TV

Need washing machine, Buy LCD color tv

so I finally no longer the different washing center of Berlin with a lot of money and even more time (known and time is indeed money) must delight, I wanted to finally buy a new washing machine. This is in all respects a good idea. Consequently, I marched on Friday to Meiamarkt, so that they could see me a new washing machine at the free Saturday….lg

On the way to the “white goods” Department, however, one must by some other departments. For example, through the Department of Television, really just stand around in the LCD TV, I must say the other day times…. Now I'm not a big well known television showers, for if ever the telly jäuft rather than background noise, while I am working on my laptop. Insofar as it has never bothered me, that my TV is not a great LDC TV, but old, is small and tubular. What do I need something else, if I do not use it anyway…

All thing now that was an exhibit around, an LG 37 LG 5000… How, nothing says that you? I do not even, but with a screen size of 94 bannich cm tall and with 400 € comparatively low…. A quick look on the internet gave me the hint, that the same model on Amazon costs about half as much again… hmmmmm. These media were full market 5 Plus add years warranty, …So what should happen… Spontaneous decision: I'll take it. While two other people inquired about the piece, has already been completed and entered my order, that he would be sent to me today….

And: he is there, boar dragged a regrettable Media Markt supplier the screen in my fourth floor… First impression: he is great, he is black and I do not really at all, what should I do with such a huge screen eineme. Now maybe I'll even now but still a great long-seer.

…and the washing machine? ….I've probably forgotten then….

…no, no, I was able to cheer up the media market suppliers that, that his colleagues, Monday would not have LCD televisions but a washing machine in the washing machine and another from the fourth floor tow… He hoped thereby, that there were not really his colleagues and he…. Well I do not care, the main thing I do not tow, because I have been doing this once… No Fun, all.


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  1. Ich habe den gleichen LCD-Fernseher und kann nur sagen, dass ich davon begeistert bin, obwohl ich am Anfang skeptisch war. Der Preis ist super günstig. Die Bild- und Tonqualitat ist gut. Vor allem der 16:9 Breitbildmodus gefallt mir. Du wirst es nicht bereuen.

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