I'm rich…

…So at least, when I count, I've spent so nciht last weekend all.

The CSD Opening Gala on and with her was a purple carpet, on the course I wanted to look good… And as the word “Gala” already says, should there be an evening gown, I wanted to show up in us shine… Okay okay, I had packed my Versace dress, yes but that does not mean, that you can not run nevertheless once again with open eyes through the city….

But on the way into town was very surprised their. Die Shop Asia, when I left my first tailored evening dress was suddenly back. …About one and a half years ago, they pulled away and let returns only one empty shop… this time were back in the shop window doll in beautiful clothes. I dreamed? No, if the mountain will not come to Mohammed, the prophet has to come to the mountain… In this case, it meant, that customers did not find the new shop and the operators eventually decided, withdraw again. Great, because I did not find the new store also. I was drawn into this but immediately.

I found a gorgeous red dress with train, All thing that was more of a ball gown and a very sexy-looking purple colored halter with Abandkleid, vorne not- Rear floor-length… 180 € and I would have to 17:00 can come back, the ladies had the adjusted me to night. But anyway I was missing the right shoes. So I let it hang firstonce.

I moved further toward geese at Mercedeh market and found the exact color matching purple high heels. Divine Shoes, Â hoch, toll, covered lilac satin and the small Platoe and the entire paragraph with Svarovski crystals. Of course, these crystals will not stick on any Shoe Heels, sondern Gianmarco Lorenzi (determined in person). Wear these shoes and then die. Put down by 860 To € 285 €…. My mind went blank and I can only say good luck, that they had none in my size. Without batting an eyelid… I would have bought it. And because it is so beautiful and would fit because then the amount so comparatively cheap evening dress would be equal to…

I'm sure, they would have shot me on the purple carpet… A Versace dress and Zara heels probably not as rich…

No matter, I have this afternoon 365 € and it does not output well my account… And yet I would not have been unhappy


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