Till Steffen über Creative Citys und Gays

Gaypride Hamburg Opening Gala I
or …and suddenly I was sitting next to the Justice Senator Till Steffen.


Okay, CSD Opening Gala 2009 and I in the middle. Nina and Ina welcomed me and showed me to the places. “Right at the back, the press seats, not be surprised, these were not the most comfortable and I could like to realize during the gala, if something somewhere is empty.

But first of all I took the press room, where I was able to explain a further press representatives firstonce, that his statement. “Then you have to fight you after with the Real News for places” Mich. relative bare Liesse, because of the small Lanyard, that I carried with me'm already on it, I could sit here.. Why gedresst always takes me seriously nieman? 😉


No matter, I talked with Miss Russia rather than travesty in general and in particular Trümmertunten. Because they had a pretty rabid opinion, which I could not really connect fully me. But to each his opinion.

Das Programm fing an. Was to be able to properly shoot pictures I stood next to the stage explained to me, that I was probably a bit too big. But that alone is not the problem, but unfortunately I was also too opaque. I remembered the theme admission and saw an empty seat at the table at the front right, asked, whether the was free and I could probably put me…. I was.

I was surprised then, called as the man next to me opening address to the stage… Aha, So I sat next to the Hamburg Senator of Justice Till Steffen, who had appeared in the absence of Ole von Beust. …I seem to be from Hamburg gone too long. His predecessor, Roger Kusch and Ronald Schill I would have recognized – and it would have taken me less than ten horses on an empty seat next to the two figures. Then maybe a green Justizsenator.

His speech, however, I found funny in some phases. He spoke of the mission statement as hamburgischen “Creative City” and about what, the Gaycomunity is. Obviously, especially – or even just? – a marketing advantage for Hamburg… or has anyone else understood. To this was then the Note, that the black green for Senate Gaypride-Word “Threesome For The Basic Law” have no opinion, and he regarded it as absolutely correct… Hmm, somehow I'll find, that it is generally never wrong, to have an opinion. Then you can at least discuss these. Lots of opinion leaders… Kind of sad, or? Probably probably said the politician, the white, that the coalition partners would not join…Finally, he pointed out, that equal treatment just takes a long time, and would probably take another position…

Well in times of Steinmeier 4 Million new jobs you may already be happy about politicians, the talk is not the blue of the sky… Nevertheless: somehow an opening speech with a slightly bitter aftertaste, Mr. Steffen.

Nevertheless, you have a short time later the gala 10 Years Hamburger marriage completely rehabilitated


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