Walking shoes for Begabay

Walking shoes need not always be priceless… obviously


Even though I'm getting older and more experienced, it does not help me, to save me from occasional bad buys. This happened to a pair of high heels, I bought the other day and had forgotten since Friday day in the company. Today I looked again enter in the box and was a little surprised, when I looked at the label. Walking shoes.

…AHJA, each, has looked on the internet ever after high heels in the Internet, will you ever come across the online shop of shoes foot. There are a number of really great shoes, in which the word “Variety” program is quite. For each shoe because you need to really really much numbers. This has however never particularly interested me, because I have never bought there.

Now, however, I bought at Begabay on ebay, and some supplies are obviously cheaper than the prices in the online shop foot show, because after a quick look at the offer I found the shoes there are considerably more expensive than the price, I paid.

I paid for Begabay 34,90 € foot required for the same shoes 92,49 €, also lockere 57,59 € or more 2,65 times. If I then go out of it, the dass) Begabay also want to have a merit and b) Foot also has even earned on the sale, you can probably by three or four times as the selling price go… We Dahaben him again the fetish and transvestite surcharge.

In such pricings I feel like I am getting a little kidding. So be it, I have never bought anyway because.

But as far as actually purchased shoes:

A perfect bad buy…. They are beautiful, but I have not really taken on it, how much are they… Now I buy nowadays shoes to wear and an evening to wear and do not have them with me to… But this is completely nonsensical in the level. So she will probably be ersteigerbar on Ebay back in the next few days


5 thoughts on “Walking shoes for Begabay

  1. Oh, kann ich die haben?? Ich hab wie du, glaub ich, auch Größe 41 und wenn die dann noch 12 cm hoch sind, waren sie perfekt.
    Greeting, Holly

  2. meinen Mercedes habe ich in Polen auch günstiger bekommen, die hatten zwar dort nur ein Stück, ebenfalls gebraucht, deswegen werde ich ab sofort nur noch in Polen kaufen.

  3. Ich hatte mir auf Grund dieses Artikels Schuhe bei Begabay bestellt, das scheint ja wohl ein echter WItz zu sein, billigste China-Qualität da kannst Du auch bei Schuhtempel oder sonstige Billiganbieter im eBay Deine Treter abholen. Von Fuss habe ich ein Paar, das habe ich sonst nirgends gesehen und nach 3 Jahren halten und tragen die sich immer noch toll; da gebe ich doch lieber paar Cent mehr aus und habe echte Lederschuhe. lg Chrissi

    • Das will ich nicht in Abrede stellen. In diesem speziellen Fall aber verkaufte Begabay offensichtlich Schuhe, die aus der Fuss Kollektion übrig waren, wie das Label zeigte. die hatten Fuss Qualität aber nicht deren Preis. Da hat die Fabrik in china wohl eine extraschicht gemacht oder fuss nicht alle abgenommen

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