Long Night of the Museums

Ramones Museum Berlin.


It is amazing, I was for the first time in my life for the second time in a month and in a museum – completely random – just the day of the Long Night of Museums in Berlin.

That night, all the major museums in Berlin, at least 100 Open houses and showrooms in Berlin. I'm not sure, if the museum which I had visited there on Saturday, but certainly inspired the artist, I visited the museum, more people than as Machner painter or sculptor. I speak of the Ramones. …The other museum, I attended was actually the Beatles Museum, soviel zu meinem Kunstverständnis 😉


Some people might think I'm a Kunstfrevler now, to compare the Ramones with an important painter, but it is fakt, it gint a Ramones Museum, So there is obviously an interest, more about this – in my opinion – to learn important punk band, but that has influenced so many other bands…


Unfortunately, it's a pretty small museum, are exhibited alongside most diverse tour Ramones T-Shirts, Information about the band members, the various member changes, a leather jacket, ein few Sneakers von Tommy Ramone. We learn, such as the Ramones logo has been created with the eagle and the baseball bat, we learn about the career flopped rapper Dee Dee Ramone, visiting during the revolution days in Berlin and even a lot more about the history of the band.


As a museum, the Ramones museum is really small, but considering, that it is actually a private collection, the founder Flo Hayler 18 Years together contributed, then that's all kinds of, what is on exhibit.

For me as a big Beatles fan is particularly exciting, that there is a connection between the Beatles and the Ramones, so wurden beispielsweise Let it be von den Beatles und Rock’N’Roll High School von den Ramones jeweils von Phil Spector produziert. Only a very small Bruchstüch, but interesting for me. Exciting also, to see the manuscript of Blitzkrieg Bop, repeating from the repeated “Im A Nazi” has been deleted. That was probably too much of a good.


The fact is, Punk wer mag, should the Ramones Museum visited times. But do not wait for the next layer Night of Museums, because I think since the museum is not open.

Also Hey Ho, Let’s go!


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