Priscilla Queen of the Desert Musical

Musical: Priscilla Queen of the Desert


What a thrill it was for, I sometime in the daily news summary found the information, dass Jason Donovan, Now every night would occur as a transvestite. Und zwar in London im Musical Priscilla Queen of the Desert.

Now it is not just enough, I would connect with Jason Donovan anything – entirely different story with Priscilla from. The Bus, the desert and the three trannies on the mountain. One of my all-time favorite movies. Ach was sag ich Priscilla Queen Of The Desert ist DER All Time Favorit vermutlich.


And so it is not surprising, I had to think for a second, Sheila with the idea around the corner, came, this musical in London to look.. What a joyful excitement already noon today, as we picked up the tickets and saw the big stiletto on the canopy of the Palace Theatre.

That HAD to be just fine and we wanted all the girls dressed in dirndls attend as German. That would be almost gone wrong, We were standing in a traffic jam so much, that we got out and finally the last few hundred meters are gestöckelt, so we still came in at the last minute. No problem, there was still time, although very scarce. But it would not have been the first time, that we were too late for a show and were still admitted.


But the musical. I expected, that it would be good, and I was not disappointed. Someone, that Priscilla kennt, it will also find their way back, as it is a non-expert. Most of the scenes are clearly recognize them and many little gimmicks were installed. So goes the giant issue of a Barbie camper koalas and kangaroos and all sorts of additional animals, then different types of tourists in the desert and find the place Fucking Abbas could be lost not a word about bloody Kylie bus. Dedicated secure an allusion to the affair of Mr. Donovan many many years ago, and certainly one of today's…

Otherwise you took it all back, What makes this film Wigs, a bus, cool quotes magnificent costumes and much more, fun… I would have liked to show a pair of images, but unfortunately that was not possible, but all I saw, was bedeisternd. That opening Szene, the scene with the heel of the roof, the scene with the Chinese Ping Pong Team, Felicia and much more,


With a little imagination you could see also Berlin drag prominence, so that Tina Turner was at the beginning clearly Tatiana and also so many other Berlin drag I can recognize in some scenes.

In any case, I was absolutely convinced after a few minutes of musical and in the implementation of the costumes I made big eyes and big ears while singing. Just three singers, the multiple floated from the ceiling sang just great… and their last swan costumes presented itself, the Oscar-winning Priscilla costumes in the shadows.

Great also the implementation of a total travesty show in Alice Springs in time-lapse was binnnen few minutes and so on..

All in all, Priscilla Queen of the Desert is not just a movie, but also a musical, that you should have seen. Especially, if you're in anyway with the theme. A small Wehrmutstropen is the fact, that there were no additions… I would be happy to celebrate something.

Janka said as yet to break. â € žMädels, I have to tell you bad news: Wir werden dass ab jetzt häufiger sehen müssen 😉

Love to…

Oh by the way, after that you can make love to let still pictures with us and we had a fortune once again, we had each taken for a pound I take time for granted, that, however, congratulated us on our show is not naturally, we were only guests, if same very enthusiastic and certainly not an everyday.


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