Grand Opening @ Bardot, Miami

Berlin in the 20s – or what Americans hold for

club bardot miami

If a club is celebrating the grand opening, in the description is something of Berlin's cabaret of the '20s, where Miami's Shameless Burlesque occur, then it is only right and proper, also get the burlesque outfit and look times, if the description holds, what it promises….. Well, I myself did not come from Berlin, but I live there and am therefore closer suitable as almost all people from Miami, To test the Bardot.


However, that was not so easy, because the Bardot (not Brigitte Bardot) ist solch ein super top Secret Club, that there are no address, Only a mysterious crossroads, where you possibly can then continue by asking yourself. The ladies and gentlemen of the police could not help me unfortunately, However, a top-looking girl, which was rejected at the Lkreuzung just the right away by phone. â € | So I also found the way to this mysterious club Bardot, the – as befits a proper secret club – does not rely entirely without signs.

Miami Bardot

To anticipate the same time, with Berlin in the 20s this shop has very little to do, alone have the lights on the bar, the rather 60s style waren.Das made but nothing, because the atmosphere was still very nice. More living room-like, with a billiard table cabinets, a long bar and a perfection of your orchestra equipment which the guests were able to operate throughout the evening and also did.

miami bardot club

However, for the time being was Richy Rich on stage, the fashion designer, who was already on the Life Ball and on the go with Pamela Anderson, stood and sang. Pamela could not or would not or I watt white â € | well, she was not at least as. He already.

Richie Rich @ Bardot Miami

…and he chrashte the appearance of Aurora, the sudden appearance of a solitary place only accessory a raffle of two Meet & Greet tickets for Richie Rich and Pamela Anderson in Los Angeles was. â € | the best Who could dance around them… It then won the type, the most of himself surrendered…. showed pronounced…. He really showed everything and so won the sympathies of guests.


But otherwise the guests were dancing very willingly, ausfgedreht very boisterous and largely. A girl brought it to the saying â € œ žI've never seen so many crazy peopleâ € .. Well, quite so far I would not go then, but it was a very successful club opening.


But what the Bardot club now is to represent accurately, I have not found out, Berlin in the 20's not sure, New York in the 50s not, somehow not no disco, a bar most likely. But as I said, who needs labels, when the party is still good.

Richie Rich & Zoe Delay @ Bardot Club Berlin

Also, when the Bardot club is always, he is a successful location, but as I said it, an opening and guests was probably something turned up as normal. I definitely had my fun, also with the two appearances of Shameless Burlesque.



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