The Vagabond Miami Downtown

17.10.2009 – Miami
The Vagabond Club – Miami


Wow, what a club. Aurora Natrix had told me from the Vagabond Club, der Club, of endangering myself dancing to it, what is otherwise rare. Saturdays have a Backdoor Bamby held the host there and I did not know until now unfortunately, wer oder was Backdoor Bamby sei, but since the club including Amanda lepore and Joey Arias as persons enumerated, which had already occurred there, I can not shake the feeling, it could be a drag queen.


That evening they were not there, there was no show at the Vagabond Club and Backdoor Bamby I did not know, however, met a great club, probably one of the greatest, I know.


Two rooms with different music styles and a courtyard with barbeque and outdoor DJ stage. Eine Disco, the confined space in a House, Techno, etwas Hip Hop und Breakbeat, Wave plays next door and rock out every kind and Reggae, draws party-goers to the most varied.


Something like that there are really only in clichés, but the Vagabond Club really danced alongside rapper punks, next to the older style rockers Nick Cave, neben Found, Gothic Chicks im Korsett und High Heeled Mädels. This was still, that this evening was dominated by the topic Army, as between danced example, a Roman legionary and army outfits in different ways…


There really was not a drag on. I wandered through the two rooms and the garden, danced something here, something there and wondered about so many different people in a confined space. Hedonism pur…I love something like this.

If I should be in Miami again, I do not think, where do I go dancing. The Vagabond is probably one of the coolest clubs in the world…


Normally I would at such a club expect a line out the door or hard door… At least the former, indicating the latter more, There was no, but I also do not know quite, who would reject the – at least, if he is funny celebration…

Free admission times I push it, I was there with Aurora – but perhaps also normally have free admission drags because… Now, I will only know, if I go there again… but I would just again to Miami..


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