Plaza of the Revolution – Che Guevara Haus

21.10.2009 – Cuba – Havana
A Che Gevara House, A monument, much hunger in spite of many foods and delicious food in Los Nardos

jose marti monument
Looking for the Revolution Square

Completely without a plan I drive by Havana, I usually do not know, where I am, because as I said Havana has almost no signs… Only a few distinctive buildings and one of which I discovered during my ride today. Revolution Square with a giant statue of Jose Marti, a Cuban national hero, after the airport is named…

Joshah © Marti Monument

The statue is probably the 100 Meters high and houses a museum, I looked at that times… actually be allowed to drive only once to the top… I unfortunately could not, so I was signaled by a head shake, I do not hochdürfe there. Later I read in the Lonely Planet, that this newly 3 Peso would have cost additional.. I would have applied, if I had known.. No matter. Jose Marti is a national hero, already need to know the little Cuban, therefore was in the museum, a school class in red school uniform (red means young) Revolutions-Lehrstoff.

jose marti monument museum
Learn the latest revolution in Cuba

The museum itself was not as impressive, only the image of the inauguration of the Revolution Square and the Statue. 1,5 Million visitors photographed on the square from above. Crowds in front of the statue and the legendary Che Guevara house with the big picture on the wall…

plaza de la revolution einweihung
1,5 Million Cubans on the Plaza of the Revolution

By the way, Che… the second national hero really is everywhere in Cuba…And I thought the west was the already cult.. Nothing against Cuba, Che Gevara here, Che Guevara dort, He greets posters, is available on t-shirts, Images, Books, Propaganda Material, There are museums and houses where he used to be places of pilgrimage all over the face and even in this well-known Che Guevara House. He seems to be a – no to be THE icon of Cuba.

che guevara haus havanna kuba

Haus am Che Guevara Revolution Square

But back to the Revolution Square. A great place with a 5 Lane road on each side of the street. There were – honestly – More tracks than cars on the track. This is called well-dimensioned. A Socialist parade parade ground just.

havanna mercado bauernmarkt
Marcado Bauernmarkt in Havanna

On one of the 10 Tracks I drive through the city and find – pretty hungry – einen market. All rusted, Missing window and it's really just a big hall with a farmers market. Many stalls, all sell the same, Fruits, Vegetables, Yucca, Spices and bananas..

bauernmarkt havanna mercado
at each level the same but exciting smell

Okay, considered to be fruit, the special case. Bananas are always original packaging,always delicious and always edible. And I had a lot of hungry. In this respect I would have loved to buy, but here you pay with pesos and not with those Peso Cobnvertibles… and only the I. Eat everything fully, I hungry with money, but the wrong… Hungry I pull from, Wild. But exciting and the smell very spicy

capitol havanna altstadt
Also, the Capitol has seen better days. Impressive yet.

Next I move to the Old Havana, the Capitol ansehen – also where, if not hietr find the list Tourist something to eat… I am called to a restaurant with a very unassuming entrance. Above the second floor of a room lit only by candlelight with an extensive map, I could, however, read only, as my eyes adjusted to the darkness of the brightness.

restaurant los nardos havanna
Restaurant Los Nardos in Havanna

What there was not anything. I ordered

A fruit plate as an appetizer, einen Mojito, a water, eine TuKola, the Cuban equivalent of Coca Cola and a really good rich food (due to lack of Spanish skills rather randomly selected) all together for under 10 CUC. 8 Maybe €. Spottbilig and very tasty. The first time, I've really had a good meal in Havana. Unfortunately, I have my pictures and hence the name stored somehow wrong and I can not find again… Goofy.

gut essen in kuba
good food in Cuba is possible

Once I have found it, I write down the name, because the restaurant is really a Tip. Right across from the Capitol, a small staircase to the top and in the middle right…. But even this is not gold.. So there is not necessarily all on the map… I finally wanted to know, now what exactly are lobsters.. Which there was not, for example,. But I should get later in my Cuba vacation more

restaurant Havanna
That behind it is a top restaurant in Havana.. Who glaubts.

…I have found everything and now knows, dass das Restaurant of Los Nardos ist. Amazingly, I've completely random probably one of the best restaurants in Havana found, because I could find some good entries in the Internet via the Los Nardos. Incl. the right place on the Google Map. What there is not anything, a restaurant in Havana with space on the Google Map.

havanna capitol
View of the Capitol of Havana

Well fed so I can on the Tropicana Revue please.


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