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Do not Panic with the Lonely Planet Cuba guide

Had I but knew right. Had someone told me about it only…

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I'm not exactly known, that I plan very far in advance, or that I'm thinking about something more, necessary as any… So my preparation was Cuba with the purchase of the tickets,, the visa and obtaining information, where I could get a hotel in Havana because, already more than maxed… …Actually…

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In this particular case, I even jumped a little further over my shadow and bought Cuba Travel Guide… Two in number, to a book, that cultural differences explained, a guide to Miami and a Spanish dictionary and a Spanish travel dictionary.. I bought the half empty bookstore and could only to the question “Plan a trip around the world” with “something like that” reply.

kuba reiseführer

A look at the guide and I did not otherwise I knew little more about Cuba, asl dass dort Fidel Castro regierte, where Che Guevara was hung on a house and get that vintage there. Not much for two weeks of vacation in a distant land. But I was sure, tell me that the Cuba Travel Guide have all important, I need to know about Cuba in general and Havana in particular..

reisefuehrer Kuba

I was wrong. The Guide, I bought were bad, they were crap. Road maps there were quite a lot just in the scale of one, Information was widely distributed but were largely meaningless and real information about the country, People, Tips and things, you should not make, were hard to use.


In my last week Constantine moved into a room in Meier board, Constantine,a young German, studied the reasons of surfers in Kiel brought with it the Lonely Planet. Cuba a guide in a class.


About three times as large, like my other two guide, He really told everything, you could use as. The question, how much should be actually charged for parking, what is so usefully gives a Klodame, about the really interesting places, the verschienen license plate colors of problems, one can have in Cuba and they are almost all solutions.

kuba reisefuehrer

The question, whether and how women can travel alone in Cuba was also discussed, wie der Gaypart oder alle möglichen und unmöglichen Reisemöglichkeiten in Kuba, good hotels for high-class, Middle-class and the small purse, Financial and medical things. This finally ORDINARY cards, where you also find his way to. Actually, everything was necessary UDN much unnecessary discussed. I had the Lonely Planet from the beginning had, I would have saved me a lot of sweat.


So I had all these little problems have a,al undergone, when I finally got the solutions gathered by Cuba Travel Guide in your hand… Man Man. It could have been anything so simple. And I have around me annoyed with the great Marco Polo.

I should once again be traveling in an unknown country, I'm going to get like the Lonely Planet and then again look closely it, if not is perhaps in large letters on it Do not Panic.


Speaking in easy conversion to “Hitchhiker” I had the entire holiday no towel, but a blanket while, which is very close to my heart. To cover the plane or in the hotel, as a pillow, if I waited again somewhere on a plane and had no desire to sit on the beach or cloth to remove it and and and. As a light blanket should always have it with.. Irgendwo steht das bestimmt auch im Lonely Planet Reiseführer 🙂

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