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Sei ShoeDesign!

Shoes Of Prey

Who sometimes just 250-300 Australian dollar has left, and for his own shoe closet / the girlfriend / the woman or if necessary even the best friend still needs a Christmas, should drop once at Shoes of Prey.

Since one of these converted about 150 € eh gets no real or Louboutin Gianmarco Lorenzi, yes you can do other times and thought to design a pair of shoes myself. Bei Shoes of Prey kann man das. Different Styles, different heel heights and different types of leather such as leather or snakeskin fish, which might make the combination of the shoe even more unique…. In any case, you can put together so ugly Styles, that they are guaranteed to be unique…


Even if it is a good idea, himself to play and get Shoedesigner created his own shoes, so the designs of Shoes of Prey have not yet fully convinced me. I find the approach but still something great improvement.


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