Golden Girls fade to grey

Squeezebox – Old but still going strong

Golden Girls

Always, when Sherry Vine in Germany, one can assume, that even in Monster Ronson takes place on the last weekend was Squeezeboxparty and Sherry Vine in Germany.


Already on the eve of the Squeezebox have played in Leipzig and were well received there euphoric. Well, I guess, the people in Leipsch not see something like this so often and are therefore easier to impress than the badly spoiled Berlin audience. This probably also knew Sherry, Gloria and her band Squeezebox and considered themselves, what they might do well. The Angst, not being able to keep this level of mood in Berlin they are probably gray hair grown.


Perhaps the Squeezebox band simply stuck in a time and space continuum or or or. Is fixed, that something geschene seinmuss, because the two singers, with crutches and catheters, as well as the thickest Lego Building Block Glasses, I entered the stage ever saw bowed down with pain, had removed only similarity with Gloria Viagra and Sherry Vine…

Gloria Viagra

Only when she started playing you could tell, that miraculously there was a band on stage, whose members were all far in the 80s… and therefore I do not meien the 80s with Nena, Soft Cell or Kim Wilde but simply the fact, that there was a retired band on stage.


At a time, to the most retirees (except maybe the Rolling Stones) are already in bed, began this – pain diffracted – but surprisingly spry gentlemen of, to rock the Monster Ronson. I do not know, if it so well, was like in Leipzig, but I found it great, which conjured up the old ladies on the stage….


But since those ancient people also need a break, they had Victory Column intern and living room resonance Kaey as special act brought to the stage, something that had the difficult task, to prove for a measly songs, that they should admire actually much more common on Berlin's stages, or she should visit with a solo performance once.


A little more time, the band had previously Glam to Kill (so I understand the name at least). Spanish, who came to Germany to start a band here, then dissolve itself zusammenzuraufen again after a long time… This was a short-to-the-comeback occurs and liked it pretty good to me, what brought on the stage.


What was, however, exactly, I can not say exactly. It also had something of 80. However, the 80s. Today we would probably call it electro-punk? A person on the keyboard, one on guitar, and a singer, of which probably Marilyn Manson brings his make-up tips. This rather rough, but very catchy music.


Overall a pretty entertaining mix of music in the Monster Ronson had but a few more guests well done. Unfortunately, however, was this evening with the propaganda of the Goya another major event in Berlin… But, strictly speaking, is almost every weekend somewhere something.

Maybe the store was not quite full, but also together with the precarious parking situation Monster Ronson's and the prevailing temperatures together. …There is simply no parking nearby and long distances through Berlin's cold drive your are always somewhat uncomfortable…


We could have taken a taxi to Sheila's car on the way back, but somehow we stöckelten then but by the Arctic cold to icy mini Sheila. A Fortunately, the ne seats, the beautiful route to the Goya warmed.


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