Ist Sherry Vine Lady Gaga?

…or rather all totally Gaga?


In recent days we read a lot protect your privacy, that a Lady Gaga Double should exist, because Lady Gaga would behave so differently nzlich gà ¤ ¼ rde and she says funny things, such as: à ¢ â, ¬ Å "I am a gay, trapped in a female rperà Kà ¶ ¢ â, ¬  or this weird penis / vagina rumor comes up every now and again. There is also the rumor, that behind the pseudonym of Lady Gaga at least two women standing… or perhaps a man.

There Promipranger – a celebrity magazine with the truth value of the Blitz Illu – has now placed the rumor, I would hide behind the drag queen Sherry Vine Lady Gaga and the following video as proof was given.


How broken! Now, sollte Lady Gaga am 12.12.2009 have occurred somewhere, that it can not at least have been Sherry Vine, because I have no doubt in Berlin Monster Ronson seen UDN spoken… People have fantasies… Tstst

So I do not really find, that Sherry Vine Lady Gaga looks awfully similar to, and even if, then it is certainly a great drag happening at their next appearance in Berlin.


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