Short breaks in Paris

01.11.2009 – France – Paris
Short breaks in Paris


No, I'm not in Paris, but I have one last holiday open report.

Paris Orly, 1.11.2009 in the early afternoon, the Cubana Airlines Ilyushin set schedule at the Paris airport, and I had to recognize, how extreme Europe from Cuba. It was raining and it was cold. Europe and not just the tropics and Cuba. So I'm also at the same time though but gently landed back in Paris hard in Real Life.

5 Â ½ hours at Paris Orly Airport, enough time, leave your luggage somewhere and drive in Paris…. So I thought at least. Forget it. I waited without flax 80 Minutes, until my luggage finally arrived at the baggage claim. Do not know, which have thus still employed as everything, waiting for the luggage, was extremely annoying in any case, but as I said I wanted to spend some time in Paris….


Okay, on with the suitcase for luggage storage and delivered… nix da, While there is a luggage storage at Paris Airport, but has only to 18:00 onto. A wonderful device in an international transit airport, so let's leave with luggage…. So I bought a day pass and went with a suitcase and one piece of hand baggage together 32,6 Kg on the way to the Parisian public transport network.

I was sure, I determined that the first, second or third change trains subway station somewhere would find a safe. Of course I found nothing, and the French were not prepared in any way to bet me helfen.Ich, who CAN speak English.

I then had to look for one and a half hours, until I found a locker at the Gare Montparnasse. And finally was able to continue without luggage to the Eiffel Tower. Unfortunately, it was so advanced as time, that while I was standing in the rain AM Eiffel Tower, but had no more time, also to drive there still high. DISAPPOINTING. Very disappointing. At least a picture of the Eiffel Tower, I just can not make a crepe and can chopstick. For a visit to the Galeries Lafayette unfortunately remained as no more time, I had to all the way back and holfen my baggage.


In time I came to learn to order at Orly airport, that my flight has one and a half hours late. Na danke! Because I would have but can still climb the tower…

In any case, a tough Paris was a quick run in the rain. So I am completely arrived in Europe again.

Amazingly, the men were at the airport Siocherheitsterminal, of the single 11 Safety checks, who wanted to bother with my silicone breasts and know exactly, what it was, o that looked weird on the screen. Unwrapped – Moo Card gegeben, all good.

Now I'm back in Berlin, after 3 Weeks and 18 Arrivals or departures in 7 Countries. I must confess, I was really looking forward to my own bed. And the first few days were really hard work then.


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