Facebook in real life

now and then I guess after about, was Facebook, was Twitter, what really makes this Internet with us.


I was around Christmas and New Year's Eve in Hamburg and everyone, the friend of mine on Facebook's, einAbonnent my Twitter account or a random or regular reader of my blog is, who knew this and knew, that my apartment – which indeed is still beautiful in the imprint at the time was empty and unguarded.

Well, except my TV, and my washing machine (and nobody wants to wear guarantees from the fourth floor), I have not much. My two laptops and my car was indeed in Hamburg with, but thinking about it, if this can be, I have already.

On the weekend they have in fact broken in Hamburg with our neighbors, were also not there, however, gave the impression by means of various timers…

The do everything, so you do not notice, that they are not there, us our one trumpeted out to all the world, wo man ist, where one is not, and maybe even show pictures, which would bring all. A generation question, but think about it when näheeren disturbingly.

I know when Janka is in Ommi, weiss, wann Andrea in Bayern ist, who, when, how and where is on vacation and many many more. Even strange. Especially as, when one is aware, wie normal one Dinge is apparent, but that would be more very serious in life using dense matrix algebra, as in the following short movies, dass ich aus meiner derzeitigen Lieblingsquelle habe:



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