Milkabilly Berlin – 50ies milk bar

Rather a tasty sundae with ice as a stodgy Frying Pan.

milkabilly berlin

Dani's birthday and this was partly in Milka Billy and the other (later) Part in celebrating the Girl in A Hot Rod Party. Zubeidem Sheila and she had invited me. And with really striking arguments. In fact, they threatened me to blows, I should forget this and do not appear. In the case, I just stand on solltem they specified the whole thing again to the information, that these shocks would be delivered by the newly acquired skillet creation… I really would not want to. So I would have to appear in Billy Milka.


That worked out well, because I wanted anyway all the time times out, I had already heard and read by Mika Billy and they raved me about the waffles there before, for its proper enjoyment you better have three days before eaten. I had that on this day before derm visit to the Billy Milka bar actually eaten, ag but not because, would have only half continued me, because I did not eat the waffles but brüchtigten ice.


Now the ice in Mika Billy is also particularly, to set it yet myself together. Wer Vanilla / Would like to have chocolate, Milka is in the wrong Billy, here take milk or yogurt and mix different ingredients added there. They can, however, be very different. Strawberry, Plum, Kirsch, but also carrot, Ginger, Tomato and diue newspaper even spoke of off Thunfischeis… This is not for me and so I took he prefers plum yogurt Amarettistreußel… And that tasted good.

milkabilly milchbar

However, when I look at for example the list of ingredients for waffles you, I would like to know, how big is the rate of first-timers, do not eat their waffles, were chosen because the ingredients but then something specifically… But also does not matter, because this is probably tried only once, but to then turn back to waffles and ice, the taste is known, or at least was recommended by Milka Billy…. As I said, Yogurt Plum Amaretti tasted good, to the Prosecco on ice, both donated by Dani. Light!

milchbar berlin

But not only the ice milk bar makes this particularly, but the bar itself, with pictures of Jana wildatheart on the walls, Pictures of Sara Horwath and various 50s jewelry in the display cases. The fact is simply, Billy the Milka is no ordinary ice cream parlor, but something very special.


The Milkabilly
Mainzer Str. 5


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