Carnevale Drag Queen in Benalmadena

I myself had never had a closer relationship with the Carnival, for me it was always just “Carnival” and I can never understand all this hype around dressed and drunk people really. I must admit though it also, that I myself have never been to Mardi Gras inj Cologne or Dusseldorf, insofar probably can not have a say.


Ichwende because my eyes tend to Rio, Venice or, as in this case, to the carnival in Benamaldena. Here in Spain there is namely an annual Drag Queen Gala, when the costumes are worth seeing.

There are also a lot of videos about it, but they are all so bad in quality, I spare you the


One thought on “Carnevale Drag Queen in Benalmadena

  1. man(n) Zoe, dann wird es aber mal Zeit, das du mal zu uns nach Köln oder Düsseldorf kommst.. Nur vergiss nicht: In Köln heißt esAlaafund in Düsseldorf Helau.. 🙂

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