Gender X in the Rote Flora

Yesterday I got an email, to do with the request for a small event promotion and I can hardly “No!” say, because I would prefer to go myself. It is a film with a concert performance in a sleek Locatio n my hometown.


Julia Ostertag shows in Hamburg in the red flora “Under the red umbrella” and “Gender X” , to be played in the flora, the hill district can best, Punk, HC und Electropunk, all in the most broken up the hill, where the root Flora, a former Revue, that was occupied and umgewandalt to the district center.

Anyway, in the flora habenich many celebrated night and I would have been happy, to do that to good music and Gender X also, but that's on the Friday and then go to Berlin before the Teddy Awards. Wer allerdings Hamburg ist, should necessarily go into the flora and watch Gender X, the worth and Hamburg needs anyway still some drag-tutoring.

Is exciting, that Julia can detect increased interest in gender X, either has changed society, or a low-budget movie just needs his time, until he gets around by word of mouth… beise beautiful, if it is so far.


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