There Vater there Pin Ups ist tot

The Rubens the Reeperbahn is dead


Who in Hamburg with open eyes about the neighborhood (shall be called the Reeperbahn and the neighboring streets) draws, is seen painted on walls throughout many scantily clad girls. This classic pin ups, that can meet both the hardest one Sexschuppen and in sleazy dives or in the theaters, are always beautiful and sexy to see, allerdings ordinär…


They were all painted by Erwin Ross, as the “Rubens the Reeperbahn” will probably occupy a place in the series of the greatest personalities of the Reeperbahn forever… On 12. He has taken seinn place next February Domenica, who died exactly a year before his…


While her name will fade away on the Reeperbahn, but over the years, one can assume, that the pin ups of Erwin Ross be repaired faithfully for so long and will remember him forever. Presumably they will outlive even some houses, to which they were painted. A real “Rubens” it rips just not as easy as.


Especially two of his works of art are probably still living, on the one hand, the spread legs of the cuts and the “The Beatles” Lettering, he has also painted according to the Beatles Museum.


On 12. February


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