Hannover GayNight

Professionally, I was the weekend led to Hannover. And if you're already there, then you look naturally also, da was so loose ist. Polly grub die Gaynight Hannover aus, hosted by Tatjana Taft Party…

Gaynight Tatjana Taft

As you asked me before that “What does a gay drag queen in the province?”… Now she organizes parties and certainly looking forward to the numerically lower competition. than in Berlin, where also an Olivia Jones once had to wave the white flag. While in Berlin makes alienate the gay party organizers mutually audiences, Tatjana Taft has not so in Hanover and some other cities these problems rather. Quite the reverse, the store was packed and the audience in a good mood.


Although I wrote my email to Tatiana is a little late and so the guest list had to make do without my name and I actually pay admission, I wanted to then pending but not yet expect, Polly took her arm and made the, what I do best: “Jump the queue smiling”

hannover gaynight

The location reminded me somehow a little housebound B. Einen Pop/House Floor, a pop-whatever Floor, and I clearly better on the first floor and found the music and the audience – no bad trannies go. In fact, it was at the Hanover Gaynight except Tatjana and me no Drags… But at least you fall on, and so we had to all kinds of talk and look and blaspheme course.


An outlook, a little tip or at least a topic of their next Gaypride Outfits she wanted me but he give, not even a little prior publication. Dammned. Only so much I know, it is spreading… An Information, which is not… An investigative reporter is probably not from me. Now, I'm on the CSD in Berlin have to wait.. there they will then show it – and continue working on their behalf, This because it still falls short from time to time, as I could remember, when I asked a girl, that this Olivia is still?

Olivia Du Tatjana bists?

She was not…

gaynight hannover

Otherwise it was a nice evening, I have only a very strongly to complain. The drinks menus. Generally, I'll find the increasingly rampant system of beverage cards, with which you will be asked at the end of the evening, only to Checkout, completely stupid, but that's okay, if you know at least, what is happening and this can relate in some way. However, this is completely impossible on the Gaynight Hanover.


The system can not increase by, times just to create an overview is not possible and in every drink I actually had the feeling, to be cut with this completely non-transparent system over the ear. In, I have drunk? Who can tell me the basis of this map, is invited by me to a cocktail.


By the way I do now, which is the chocolate and non-chocolate side view of Tatiana… And as luck would I have found the same in the pictures from Saturday completely random one of the latter… Maybe I should yet again after the Gaypride 2010 Ask Costume.


3 thoughts on “Hannover GayNight

  1. Wie ist der richtige volle Name von Polly und hat die süsse Maus auch eine Internetseite wie Zoe wenn ja welcher Link?
    Wäre lieb zu wissen.
    Lg yo

  2. I believe, wenn Polly wollte, dass jeder ihren Vor und Nachnamen wissen würde, dann würde sie ihn nennen und als Polly Meier zu sehen sein. mir ist es ja auch egal, ich nenne ja Vor und Zunamen . Zoe Delay 😉

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