Dude looks like a lady

There are a lot of songs in the history of music, have something to do with it, that men throw themselves into Fummel. A song which is definitely “Dude looks like a lady” by Aerosmith. Whether because of Steven Tyler wrote some autobiographical, and I do not think. But also is fairly regardless.


Besides the songs are there but also songs, that have nothing to do with it, that men throw in drag and do just mentioned occur in the video anyway. Sometimes more and sometimes less well.

Now I have unearthed a video, where it comes together, okay, it does not necessarily seem to be an official Aerosmith video, but still a pretty great and Steven is also definitely not there before.

Instead, four Drags, who take too seriously with this video… Instead, they show the hard times of the drag everyday. Intolerance, Drags and Drugs, Loving grief and competition. Reasonable, I find.


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