Olivias wilde Jungs

After the neighborhood Originanle the Reeperbahn so slow die off all, Olivia Jones tried to take a couple of these places. Your bar, is not about the old home of Transenpuff in the Great Freedom, yes there is now quite a while, their neighborhood tours are now also not new and even my mother has already participated in a neighborhood Safari Olivia.

Time, also, to make something new.. Olivia and a new market niche has sought out. Women on the Reeperbahn. So strictly speaking Reeperbahn visitors. She makes a new store on, is for women only, a strip club, Accordingly, in which only men occur. This is itself a real novelty for the Reeperbahn.

It will be a tough draw for the boys, that occur there, because anyone who has ever experienced a bachelorette evening, the white, what a bunch of women so mean and then we imagine 10 Bachelorette evenings together at Olivia's wild boys before. Dynamite is nothing compared to.

Men banned – of course except for Olivia… I believe, even if I reindürfte there, I did not want to give the. Opening date for "Olivia Wilde Jungs" is not fixed yet. A christening is a private Secco but already at 06. April start. ..Valery has “Pearl dry” nun in “Jones secco” renamed


One thought on “Olivias wilde Jungs

  1. Ich war heute mit meiner Freundin Christiane bei Dir. Die Preise waren adäquat. Es war sehr nett, however: Die tanzenden Jungs sahen alle gleich, ja fast geklont aus. Außerden hatten sie fiese Schuhe andaran muss noch was gemacht werden. Es wäre schön, wenn da doch der ein oder andere größere oder ältere mit tanzen würde. Greetings

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