For furniture factory in the ground

It was Saturday, Assumed time and the goal should be a party, should hang on the Nina Queer. Pretty pretty underground and secret. Fountain Street 70 should be the whole and is, this is a 800 Club der m² to December Ableger “For furniture factory” also known as ZMF.

möbelfabrik wedding

While Janka and Sheila were already on the way there and then wanted hinkomme, I came directly – and drove past it three times, once… I had only one address, no club name and nothing really pointed out, may be that there could have been a club somewhere.


But he was, as revealed, my car shuts off when I am on foot and went in search. I found an underpass in front of a completely inconspicuous door two completely inconspicuous men, which gave to recognize as a bouncer on request and piloted me into a Lastenaufzuf.


There, Nina Queer made for an elevator operator, the, and the jockey at elevator… and drew him down into a huge club. On the website is a bit of 800 I m² and the dormer. Keller, much concrete, little inhalb, some old sofas and a couple of bars. Illuminates the whole cool with projectors. Industry cellar charm, but really interesting, although unfortunately much too cold. Although a small gas heater did her very best, but had to whether the size of the temperatures hit enter… 's Still winter…


This offshoot of the furniture factory is somehow great and I think you can abfeiern good. However, rather better dressed than we were – or in the summer. But since it is a electro club it gets up later fully… In this case, they came and amounts of visitor counter, just as we waited for the elevator to the top.

zur möbelfabrik


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