1. Mai Nazifrei – Berlin remains red

Gloria would be proud of me, for I will push me tomorrow once political.

1. Mai Nazifrei

Not often, but now and then I will be in my blog once political. The attentive reader will base my political attitude not have escaped. If I were just a football fan, I could also be a fan of the HSV, but I like the FC St. Pauli, I would just like fast loud music I could listen to metal or hardcore, but i like punk and when I moved to Berlin Kreuzberg was not just because of the way to work my preferred area.

It is the district in Berlin, where 81% choose the left of center, where the Greens' vote before the link-saving part of the turn before the SPD, dort wo Hans Christian Ströbele 8 times as many votes, as the right candidate of the CDU and the Greens where 36,5 x obtain as many votes, as the NPD. It's my neighborhood in Berlin. There is a neighborhood, where right pack has nothing to Search. And look, it has nothing at all in Berlin. Even not in a 1. More, which is celebrated tomorrow.

At this, the NPD has called for a demonstration in Prenzlauer Berg and want it to remain, that are sufficiently counter-demonstrations, To prevent this. I'll be there, who else is coming. Report to me.

Should take you to: 9 Clock Alexanderplatz
Use should be: http://twitter.com/1mai_nazifrei
You should know for safety: 030 6922222 (committee determination)


2 thoughts on “1. Mai Nazifrei – Berlin remains red

  1. Hi Zoe…

    ich werd hingehen. Vielleicht erinnerst du dich noch. Wir hatten uns beim Romy Haag Konzert mal kennengelernt. Ist aber schon ne Weile her.
    Ich werd um kurz vor 9 Uhr am Alexanderplatz sein.Von da aus fahren.

    Vielleicht noch ergänzenswert: Der allgemeine Treffpunkt ist da die U2.

    Vielleicht sieht man sich , and?

    Würde mich freuen

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