What a weekend

….of course I'm too late, of course everyone has already noticed, naturally interested in the least of the, but me, and the only one.

Human being, what a weekend. Usually a weekend without a lost Transerei, often a boring, rarely a really interesting, another memorable. The last was.

only afterwards I realized this as the image of the weekend

only afterwards I realized this as the image of the weekend

Actually I wanted to Hamburg for the first Queen Calavera Night Burlesque Revue, but I decided against short, because my companion had been lost in Hamburg and my heart told anyway, I would have something to do in Berlin. My political activities and to demonstrate against laws. Was the end of this song, I 10 Stood for hours in the sun and the demo, I demonstrated against the not come up to me, because it was there already blown. A successful Saturday.


Two hours of sleep later, I found myself on the Myfest and listened best music of grand theaters, until the Myfest was over. Fortunately, it started almost exactly the time to rain and so the annual May Festival this time was a brief encounter, not just my car was not on fire this year. Full Komen completely finished I fell at that night with a smile at the last notes of the bass sound system from Lucy to bed. Saturday before zero clock. When it has been ever? A beautiful and successful Saturday.


But it was followed by a less expensive experience Sunday. The rise of FC St. Pauli. Okay, I may be the only Football- (not realize footballers) innteressierte drag in Berlin and if time permits, I find myself at a game in St. Pauli “Franciscan” one, because there, entfert laugh from my apartment a few hundred meters, cry and celebrate every week the same crazy. This Sunday evening was clearly celebrated, because it was to celebrate a promotion, and the certainty, to look there league football next year. Yeah. A successful Sunday.


Finally, I met the evening before my master Syrians two gay Sweden, the chance came to Kreuzberg and ate something there…. And were very surprised, Listening to Black Flag. A punk song. I had to run short enlightenment, About Kreuzberg, of SO36, The 1.Mai, about 20 Years before, and of course the skull on my sweater… and the question, how it fits, that compared with the punk in Live Club (dem SO36) That evening an oriental gay party could take place, and that it would all go together very well. Where if not in Berlin Kreuzberg…


And because here in Kreuzberg is a lot more possible, because they did not know, what to do with the evening, as I said they were gay and I do not really like anyway had to work a little, we landed another couple of hours in the Roses, the kitsch bar of Oranienstrasse for gay and Sweden, the randomly landed in Kreuzberg something like a revelation. Since I've even done a good work.


A beautiful and successful weekend and all without transerei… This must urgently be made up but still next weekend. And this weekend it… and.

From now closing is again determined by policy, Punk und Fussball 🙂


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