Monrose – Like a Lady

Monrose, there are still?

there was a picture here

The half-life of casting superstars and casting tape is indeed roughly the, the milk needs to become sour, but obviously there is the one or the other specimens, Join the change of the seasons once or even several times… Obviously belong to Monrose.


Which are now already in its fourth year and there is still a record company, where the production of a plate financed with the hope, that awareness of Monrose still sufficient to take more money despite crisis disk download, as output. Who would have thought. I do not.

Nungut, I'm not their target audience and have never had much respect for casted pop starlet and yet I'm writing about their latest single. And why? Na clear, It has drag-respect.

I could make it easy and tell me now, that the use of drags in the video has sales generic and sensational character, Monrode but are neither the first nor – and even not – the most famous musicians, have the Drags in video. I know this really well not really, what the Drags in the video are actually quite. Maybe I also understand not just the story of the video. On the other hand, it is perhaps only the title “Like A Lady”

The video is actually rather arbitrary, but whom I've noticed it right, are the white tops, the girls wear designed by Joey Love. Probably the most exciting about this video… Well at least it has in a few days already 102.000 Brought people to, watch the video. They seem still to have all kinds of fans.

There are even voices, Suggest Monrose for the Euro Vision Song Contest.. Since then, however, they would probably join the superstars Gracia and No Angels, the average were last… Let's see, how it proposes to Lena.



2 thoughts on “Monrose – Like a Lady

  1. Hi Monrose sind eine wirklich tolle Gruppe. Die Mädels haben besondere Stimmen die sie Life immer wieder unter Beweis stellen. Dazu sind sie auch noch sehr Hübsch.
    Monrose sind besondere Charaktere die sich nicht verbiegen. Das ist eine besondere Eigenschaft die ich an ihnen schätze.

    Die eine Drag ist übrigens mit Monrose befreundet.
    Ich finde das Video cool ist alla Madonna.
    LG Sabs

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